27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Well I’ve never seen a mobile phone like this before!

Have you ever wanted a mobile phone that stands out from the crowd? If you have the Toshiba G450 is the mobile phone for you. It is possibly the most bizarre looking mobile phone ever seen on the mobile phone market!

The handset measures 98 x 36 x 16mm which is approximately 2/3 of the width of a conventional mobile phone. When you look at the Toshiba G450 you firstly notice the small circular display screen (which measures a tiny 0.8”), and the two circular number pads. At first glance it looks more like an MP3 player rather than a mobile phone.

Although it is a small handset it does feature HSDPA which allows download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, it supports EDGE, UMTS, and GPRS data. It boasts an alarm clock and multimedia player that pause’s your music automatically when you receive a call.

The G450 can be connected to your computer by a USB cable and used as a modem. The G450 is also charged by the USB cable.

The G450 doesn’t have many features but due to the small screen this is probably a good thing! It has a maximum 3G talk time of a measly 70 minutes which doubles to 140 minutes on GSM. The G450 has a standby time of 7-8 days. It seems that the G450 is targeted at people who will use it as an alternative to a standalone USB cellular modem. The low battery life shows that the G450 feels more at home when it is plugged into a computer.

The unusual handset will be available across Europe in the first quarter of this year. It will be available in black, red and silver colour schemes.

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