27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

The Aussie Top Ten Ringtones

Australia just like any other place in the world has succumbed no differently to the temptation of mobile phone ring tones. It has been reported that a very high number of teenagers are getting hooked on to mobile phones and in turn mobile phone content usage. As per reports, mobile phone ring tones enjoy a mass popularity with this young group because of their strong desire to express themselves through their appearances, and behaviour. There is a constant need to express their attitude and make a statement about their social, cultural, sexual, and political preferences. An undercurrent hidden need that runs through this entire group is to carve out a distinct personality for themselves. And always be ahead in the race for popularity and high on the cool quotient.

Marketers, as born keen opportunists, have jumped the bandwagon in communicating aggressively with this group and in ways that are more than merely successful in simply enticing them. They have made them brand loyal towards their products and services that are easily available over the internet. Several websites offering mobile phone ring tone downloads are continuously upgrading their list of latest offerings, and in their attempt to hype the mania even further, they have dedicated resources for scouring and listing the ‘Top 10 ring tones for the Week’ and so on and so forth; just to ensure that there is regular loyal traffic on their web page. However, due to the lack of a universal body governing the ring tone industry and non – availability of measuring tools to rate the popularity of ring tones on a global basis, it is difficult even for experts to make an all encompassing comprehensive list of ‘Top 10’ mobile phone ring tones for any region.

According to recent reports having come in this new year, Australia’s current hot favourites would include these for sure, apart from anything else that may have become a trend as well.

The absolutely adorable and true to its name, Snuggle Song by Cutie, is on the top of many lists and going by its popularity it’s a hot favourite video tone as well.

Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love is another popular ring tone and video tone.

It was probably only natural for artist Timbaland’s Apologize featuring OneRepublic, to make its presence felt on the charts across websites. A definite hit with those that enjoy rap.

It’s definitely good to see Britney in the news for all the right reasons. And after all doesn’t an artiste always want his or her work to speak for itself. Spears’ Piece of Me has definitely been successful in grabbing a piece off the chartbusters pie.

Grammy award winner, Santana’s another composition, Into the Night, featuring Chad Kroeger, is doing well for itself on the lists too.

Alicia Keys croons No One, yet gets everyone to listen to her and want a ring tone of her composition.

Chris Brown featuring T- pain’s Kiss Kiss has kissed its competitors goodbye and made its way to the top of the lists.

Crank That by Soulja Boy Tell Em has gone down very well with the hip – hop and rock fans.

And this one may sound strange only if you don’t know what a wild life loving country Australia is. Ring tones of wild animals, pets, birds, and the famous Croc SNAP, have always had their ardent fan following.

Nickelback’s hitting it hard with Rockstar being downloaded as a monotone, polyphonic ring tone, and a real tone.

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