27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

New manufacturer makes a compact phone

New manufacturer Onyx have made the Onyx Liscio which is a very small compact and quite stylish looking mobile phone. It is quite a bit different from normal mobiles, it is oval shaped and looks like a cross between a remote control and an MP3 player. The keypad is set a little strangely in a ring around the buttons for your MP3 player feature, but it does look like it will still be possible to rattle off a text message at a decent speed!

While it is lacking in a few features, I think there will definitely be a market for it – especially as it should be reasonably cheap for the features it has. The Liscio has an MP3 player, FM Radio, Bluetooth and it can be hooked up to your computer by USB – making it nice and easy to transfer your songs top it. And you will be able to keep a decent amount of songs on it as it has a 128MB internal memory and will come with a 1GB memory card to expand the memory.

Okay so now for the bad bits, the screen is just 1.1”, there is no mention of a web browser (probably for the best as you wouldn’t really be able to do much browsing on such a small screen), it doesn’t have a camera and the glossy exterior is going to be prone to lovely smudges and fingerprints.

So if you are looking for an MP3 player that you can make a call on – look no further than the Onyx Liscio.

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