27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Tips To Use The iPhone’s Touch Screen Keyboard Better

Practice and knowledge is needed to use technology that is just born. And mostly this is easier said than done, since no help is available. It is the same with the Apple iPhone. It will take you hours before you actually understand how the features of the iPhone work. All features in the phone just can’t be learnt by just playing around with the phone, one such complicated example is the touch screen keyboard.

With unique features as this there are a lot of things to be learnt before you actually get the hang of quickly typing your messages. All these small techniques will help you type without mistakes and you would soon start wondering what you would have done without it. You need to remember small things like, a tap on a letter will help you write it, but it would not appear until you took your finger off.

This makes correction of your mistakes quite easy. Just sliding your finger over the letter you actually want to write and then lifting it off would simply correct the wrong letter.

To ensure clear and smooth writing one just needs to use the automatic correction feature that is built into the phone. But at times it can still accept wrong words, so you need to know how to accept and reject suggested words. A word gets accepted if you tap on the space, enter or punctuation characters and if you just carry on writing words get rejected.

To include or add words into the iPhone’s dictionary you need to write a word twice and tap on both of them. Including words you use often into the dictionary would at times take a few weeks, but once it is done typing would be easier than you think.
The last tip is on the use of upper and lower case characters. Tap shift and letter to get the first letter of the word in Caps and to type the entire word in Caps enable Caps Lock in the settings, after that you whenever you need full upper case words just double tap on the shift and it is ready for total upper case.

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