27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Magic Touch Mobile Phone

Yet another new mobile phone has been announced that will hopefully be released in April 2008. This time it is Samsung’s turn to show off their impressive new mobile phone in the form of the U900 Soul. According to Samsung Soul stands for “Spirt Of ULtra”!?! or so their marketing department say!

The unique selling point of the U900 Soul is its “magic touch” touch sensitive front panel. It is a real active display that changes depending on what function the handset is in. Another interesting feature is the customisable themes, with one theme continuing the fascias brushed metallic look.

Touch sensitive buttons seem to be an addition to many of the new mobile phones that have currently been announced such as the LG Venus, Sony Ericsson C902 and the Motorola U9.

The handset also boasts a 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus and flash, FM radio, microSD card, Bluetooth, HSDPA, and multimedia player that has Bang and Olufsen enhanced audio for multimedia playback. It is a 3.5G phone that has download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. It is also a fairly slim 3.5G mobile phone measuring in at 12.9mm in depth. It measures 105mm in height and 49.5mm in width.

With the large variety of mobile phones that have been announced this month due to the Mobile World congress, we will be spoilt for choice in a few months when they are all released!

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