27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Online shoppers on the increase

A recent survey by research company Global Reviews has shown that a third of mobile purchases were made online last year. Of the 1,000 people interviewed 31% looked for and bought their mobile phone deal from an online retailer.

The survey also showed that people are not just using the internet to buy their phone, but are continuing to use it to keep track and manage their mobile account. 83% of people have visited their providers website most likely to check on prices or services. And online billing is also getting popular with 44% of people having checked their balance online, 23% have looked at their call history and 14% have actually paid their bills online.

The survey also asked customers to asses which is the most customer friendly website of the networks. T-Mobile came out on top with 67% of it’s users rating it favourably, Vodafone got 60%, Orange 56% and o2 were last with 54%.

Despite more people logging onto their mobile accounts it seems the customer satisfaction results could be better. If more people start using the services hopefully the networks will sit up, take notice and improve the services!

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