27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Two great new phones packed with features for summer 2008

Sony Ericsson have confirmed the release of two new Cybershot mobiles, the C702 and C902, both of these have been in the rumour mill on the internet for a little while now – and seem to be attracting interest. They are quite similar in look and features, but with a couple of main differences. Both are typical Sony Ericsson styling, seen recently on the K850 and K770.

First the Sony Ericsson C702, a 3G candy bar style phone with 3.2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, FM radio and great bonus of GPS. This a great all round mobile, but really stands out by the addition of GPS on such a standard style phone. You usually have to go for a specialist heavier bigger mobile such as the Nokia N95 for the GPS feature.

The Sony Ericsson C902 has very similar features to the C702, but gets rid of the GPS and replaces it with a stunning 5 megapixel camera, making it more suited to snap happy mobile users. Again it is equipped with MP3 player and 3G and has eight handy touch sensitive buttons placed around the screen which come to life when the camera is activated.

Both phones are sure to be very popular, as with most Sony Ericsson phones they are highly recommended for their quality music players and camera quality. Expect the Sony Ericsson C702 and C902 to be released in summer 2008, prices are likely to be quite high, but hopefully they will be available for free on mid-range tariffs.

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