27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Navigate on foot or in the car with built in GPS.

Okay so we all know about mobiles with Satellite Navigation on them, almost every high end mobile phone released in the past year has got a GPS feature on it. Nokia have announced an update to their Nokia 6110 Navigator phone in the form of the Nokia 6210 Navigator.

Which is probably a good thing since there have been reported problems with the black Nokia 6110 phone, distributed through Vodafone – apparently software glitches are making the phone freeze when a map of the UK and Ireland is loaded onto it – if you have the black 6110 and this is affecting you feel free to contact Nokia or Vodafone who will sort out the problem for you.

Anyway if that hasn’t put you off Nokia Navigator phones please read on! The Nokia 6210 Navigator comes with the recently announced Nokia Maps 2.0 – which can help you navigate just as easily on foot as it can in your car. It comes with full voice and visual turn by turn for no extra cost, has a built in compass and accelerometer to enable the GPS to know where you are and allow the map to keep up with you on your route. As with any good GPS system the Nokia 6210 comes with a car mount in the box so you will be ready to go – and it can also be used solely for satellite navigation without a sim card in it, should you ever require this!

Now it isn’t just a sat nav phone, it actually has some pretty good features too. Like a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth, and is 3G.

So if you need a decent Nokia phone with built in satellite navigation you should look out for the Nokia 6210 Navigator on it’s release this summer

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